Cigar of the Month: Aging Room - Don’t judge a cigar by its wrapper!

The opportunity to try new cigars is one of the best virtues of being in the cigar business. Today, we will venture into the realm of the Aging Room Sonata by Rafael Nodal. The experience is truly one that many should pursue.

              After lit, the cigar exudes a robust draw full of taste. Coconut and a hint of citrus (although I was never able to nail which fruit down) are ever-present. I was hoping to nail the specific fruity taste as the cigar matured, but not to be. We will need to rely on the individual to be the judge.

              One of the most notable aspects of this experience was the ash. A beautiful rich white ash interjected throughout. Most notably was the southern biscuit image of the ash, righteous!

              As we mature, the hint of leather, as well as asparagus come to play. This combined with the coconut and fruit, with a touch of chocolate as the aftertaste. Very airy, a slight sweetness (if leather can be sweet) and white pepper are present from halfway until the end.

              Pay particular attention to the ash all the way through. Bright white and biscuit-like with a perfectly even burn.

Filler:                   Nicaragua

Binder:                Nicaragua

Wrapper:            Nicaragua Maduro

Strength:            Medium-Full (I say full bodied)

Member Spotlight

Name: Ben D. Johnson

Occupation/Business: By day I sell phosphate fertilizer and on nights and weekends I run BSD Capital Management which specializes in advertising and marketing. We represent many brands and utilize our internal modeling agency called The Usual Suspects Modeling Agency. These are mostly local people who appear in ads and attend high profile events. Our most notable project to date was an advertisement for a company called Meat Boner that specializes in Meat Based post workout snacks and apparel. It’s very popular among adolescents and the socially immature.  

Favorite Cigar: I love the high end, rare stuff. I had an incredible Don Carlos from Arturo Fuente. It was aged 8 years and it was a smooth, incredible smoke. I smoked it until it burned my fingers, lips, and tongue because it was so damn good!

Favorite Cigar Social Memory: We had a bourbon event last spring that was a lot of fun. Hy-Vee came in and gave samples of some terrific bourbons that paired well with the cigars. There were loads of people that came in and I had some amazing conversations with some really interesting people, and to me that’s what The Cigar Social is all about. I can’t tell you the amount of amazing friendships I’ve made not just from that night but every night I’m at The Cigar Social.